Wholesome Life Coaching

Life Coaching Sessions can help clients to:
- Incorporate a Natural and Holistic Approach to Health
- Get into Alignment with your Soul Purpose
- Build Heart Energy & Consciousness in your Relationships
- Learn to Track and Release the Negative Influences in life that detrimentally block
your Soul’s true expression and impact Physical, Mental, and Emotional harmony & well being.
- Learn how to hold Business Ventures as Service & with the Heart
- Learn Stress Reducing practices that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine.
- Learn about the Original and Ancestral Living Wisdoms of the Divine Mother.
- Receive Guidance into Identifying & disentangling from the subtle forms of
mis-programming that are prevalent in our society
- Engage in the Ageless Art of Recapitulation & Clearing in order to enhance a process of Inner Transformation
Types of Sessions Offered:
Xolar Vibronics Lifestyle Balance and  Transitioning Sessions
These sessions were created to facilitate a natural transition into a healthy auspicious lifestyle specific for each individual that has been leading a stressful, chaotic life mainly caused by rutinary and artificial habits, harmful environments and making wrong choices due to the loss of knowledge about integral and balanced living. They include many possibilities of a preventive, educational and instructional nature that advise and guide people to make a gradual, effective and safe transition into a wholesome way of living.  The program places emphasis on physical, emotional and mental detoxification, revitalization, fitness, wellness, stress management and body-mind-spirit reintegration. 
Personalized Insights and Awareness Guidance Sessions
The first session is focused on guiding you through a process of self-inventory of life events that will bring your attention to those moments in which your luminous body and being was vibrationally impacted in various degrees causing the disruption of proper functioning and the disintegration of your whole being from there on. Each follow up session will aid you to delve deeper into the nature of these impacts, allowing you to arrive at the root of your disruption through the ancient Andean Art of Recapitulation, Confession and Clearing, thus giving you the possibility to free yourself from the effects of these harmful impacts that vibrate in your luminous body until you address them.
Sessions are available:
Remotely: by Phone or Video Conference
In person: in Asheville, North Carolina
(or other occasional locations depending on travel)
Rates are determined on a case by case basis
"It is a godsend I ended up meeting Lauren. Through a series of events, I've come to know the love and support of a true healer. She is committed to teaching and supporting the process towards detangling the mess I made of my life. Most importantly, she is assisting the reconnection of my soul to the Divine. Her mentoring style is intuitively solid, yet unintrusive. As the work involved in my healing goes deeper, she is standing with me, not for me, with gentleness, wisdom and kindness. If you hear the call in your heart for a true connection, Lauren is an excellent choice for guidance in the direction of a purposeful life you are meant to live."
- K. Ferdinansen  (School Teacher)
Atlanta, Georgia

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