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Koginka Sewaluna Foundation

​I would like to introduce a very beautiful non-profit that I have been a close affiliate and member with for many years called the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation. Together my mentor Mama Koginka K'amaru Xue, his students, and supporters do work to help protect sacred sites in nature and the environment, and help to preserve native cultures. The non-profit also does a lot of work in holistic education and helping to make people conscious about the importance and value of this type of work. Through the work with this non-profit my heart has grown in many ways. The work being done is very precious.  

For more information about Mama Koginka K'amaru Xue and the work that is being done in America and around the world, or to make a donation or contribution of precious support visit :

Xolar Vibronics Training

I am a graduate from several courses in this training program and also an ongoing close apprentice. Through my studies with this training program I have been certified as a Wholesome Life Coach, Holistic Educator, Energy Healer, Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Practitioner, and Spiritual Ecologist. The training helps educate hearts into the stream of consciousness that is always present in nature so that we can be of the upmost quality of service. It teaches how to abide by Nature's harmony and wise reflections and how to hold closeness to ourselves as hearts, as humble custodians. Through the apprenticeship I have been able to receive very powerful support for my own growing and also as a holistic practitioner. I have learned very beautiful things that will be in my heart forever. There is no other training program like this on the planet, and to me it is something incredibly special and rare. 

" Mama Koginka Kamaru Xue; the founder, is an incredibly beautiful master and developed Andean heart. He has come from his ancestral sacred lands to share with yearning souls the Divine Mother's Original Living Knowledge. It is a tremendous honor for my soul to be with him walking together and what he has imparted to me will be in my heart forever"

- Lauren Aiyana

​For more information about the training programs offered:


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