Client Testimonials

"Lauren's bodywork and energy work are some of the best I have ever experienced. It is for this reason that I saw her regularly when we still lived in the same town. After every session, my heart, my soul, and my physical body were renewed. I miss her work very much! Lauren is a deeply loving and humble soul who is completely invested in healing. I strongly recommend her work!!" - Emily    

"I have been seeing Lauren for sessions for 3 years now, My experiences with her have been amazing. She has really helped me work through some muscle problems related to my scoliosis, as well as introducing me to wellness practices that have helped me become healthier in my daily physical, mental, and spiritual. life. Thank you!"   - Lea 

"Thank you so much for all of your time and love. It was such a blessing to meet you, the world works in such a grand and cosmic way. You are such a beautiful person, healer, and woman. Thank you for replenishing my spirit and helping me to move forward. All my love and blessings to you. Thank you again and can't wait to re-connect in the future." - Alexandra     

"When I first met Lauren I was struggling to emerge from an unconscious lifestyle. My heart was longing to merge again with all that is authentic, sacred, and in harmony with the natural world. I had no sense of spiritual direction until I was lead to meet and work with this woman. Without any doubt Lauren is being called in this life to be a true instrument of divine orchestration, bestowed with the wisdom, elements, and perception to help guide those sincerely longing to get back to naturalness, back to wholeness, and back to the rightful path of the Soul. I am truly grateful to Lauren for the tenacity and light of her heart." -Robin       

"From the moment I met Lauren I could see she had a special light about her that was very intriguing. As we began to work together I became aware that this was a special light of grace that she was able to emanate for healing and teaching. I have since joined Lauren for many journeys of healing and learning that have led to deep transformation in my life. I am grateful to this gifted energy worker for all her dedication to precision and purity in her practice." - Clover 

"A session with Lauren will lift your deepest soul cry to the surface in a natural and gentle way. I had five sessions with Lauren. After the first, I was majorly shifted internally, like someone had showed me something I had always wanted to see. By the fifth session I felt completely changed and truly alive, and it all happened inside of me, was all reachable by investigation. Lauren's work will be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to transform, be real, and finally honor their deepest truths and reasons for being alive. As Lauren says "it's not just about what you receive, but what you must give from the soul".  - Emily       

"When I first met Lauren, it was obvious that her motivation was coming from a very special place, the space where we are more concerned about the whole Creation than about our individual selves. She is part of a powerful intention to excavate the authentic expression of the Soul. The Divine Mother was working through Lauren in leading me to the unfolding of my Sacred Agreement. I am now on the path to celebrating this fact once again. For this sister, I am forever grateful." - Parker 

"Lauren is a truly gifted healer and massage therapist. Her hands are magic and she is extremely caring and attentive. The combination of energy healing and massage brought much needed relief and clarity to me."  - Taij 

"Lauren is a pure soul. She has a beautiful spirit and amazing hands. She will help you bring balance back into your life both Spiritually and Physically. Highly Recommended!!" - Brian     

"Lauren approaches her work with amazing versatility of intuition and grounded accuracy. I love that she has embraced valuable education and unique training in her skills. I have experienced her deep tissue massage that left my muscles feeling fully satisfied. I loved that she listened to my request of Deep pressure that I asked for and was able to continue that deep work with calm and steady endurance. She was able to adjust herself to what I needed and fully offered herself with the kind of pure heart that a true healer needs to be of service. As a local intuitive myself I would recommend her to anyone for energy work or structural healing." - Sage 

"I make it a point to write reviews when I feel someone has gone above and beyond the standard. I visited the Aiyana Holistic Healing office while passing through Asheville. Sometimes when you schedule a massage with someone you aren't familiar with, you never know how it will go. I have had good and bad experiences at different places over the years and she was by far the best massage therapist I have visited. I went in with low back pain and shoulder pain and she was very caring and genuinely wanted to help. She was considerate and professional and skilled in her trade. I left feeling much better and felt I had made a great decision scheduling with her. She has a very clean office and relaxing environment. I have scheduled to go back after running the Biltmore Marathon in March. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist who is genuinely interested in helping people and wants a great massage!" - Nathan


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