Weaving in Consciousness

Those moments in life where you can literally feel that your soul is being woven into something precious and beautiful, intricate and bigger than yourself. My heart is in your hands precious mother. It is not always to have the complete sight of every detail, but sometimes it is to feel the sweetness of the moment, when grace is close to the heart, nature is in alliance with our spirit, and each and every foot step is made in consciousness and in a stream of grace carrying us forward into our natural function, our true ability of service, and the recalibration of our spirit into the divine mother and heavenly father. There are moments where the veil between our earthly exsistence and the sensibility of spirit becomes so thin - that we are able to tangibly connect and perceive easily the fact that divine orchestration is holding us and working in our hearts. i find that each of our own individual works is to make sure we can synchronize with this powerful happening... to open our hearts and move from love and higher motivations, and tune our yearnings deep into that sense of communion and closeness to nature. Can we synch up? Can we refine? Fine tune our spirit into that place of beauty that surpasses the superficial layers, the personality, the character - and goes straight into the spirit. As we know very well this is the quality of energy that nature needs to sustain itself and nourish - it is that quality of heart, love and caringness, which is only possible when we refine and work through our energy internally so that we can bring our best beauty forward. much love for all the reflections in consciousness, and all the souls that touch my heart. May we all realize our divine potential and inner beauty that is unique and sacred for our own spirit


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