The Mother gives us Life

Reflections of Wisdom and the Original Principles of our Wise Ancestors are all around us.

The virtues and loving teachings of the divine are woven into this physical world and into the sacred sites in nature. It only takes a little bit of spiritual perception, sensitivity, and heart to be able to tell this mountain is not just a lump of rock, the river is not just some stale water passing through.

There is a living spirit behind nature that is the divine mother. Behind the rock is her principles, her love, and her soul. Behind the water is her consciousness, her clarity, her songs.

When we feel lost or disarray, we can always turn our hearts and souls towards nature to find our way back into consciousness again. Human beings have a limitless potential of harmony and balance inside of us. We are capable beyond measure to bring resolutions, healing, and balance. Yet the majority of us allow things to take us away from our spirits and away from our hearts and we end up not living up to our true divine inner nature.

Issues are not superior to the love in the heart. Struggles and Tribulations are not superior to the pure sense of purpose in the soul. Every soul has a gift inside that must be realized and put forward with tender loving energy.

Just as a little baby needs nourishment from its mothers breast in the early stages of life, so our souls need ongoing nourishment from nature and from the creator / creatress. without that nourishment and energy of loving care we will be malnourished, and deficient.

Look at this amazing photo here of a baby breast feeding from a mother's breast pictured in the boulders.

How beautiful!

What is that reflecting to us ❤


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