Mother Nature's Song

Updated: May 1, 2019

Have you ever felt afraid of your own potential?

Scared to take flight, frozen inside in a part of you that has raw mystery and potential?... Sitting up on a high mountain looking across the vast stary sky with the faint shadowy outlines of our beautiful mother earth's body and expression in her rolling hills. As sun begins to set and kiss the earth feeling a preciousness echoing across the land. There is such love and sensibility in nature, such whispers of beauty that are blanketed with shades of color as the autumn time begins, with patches of beautiful dark greens and light greens woven in and still holding in LIFE. Knowing in the inner most temple of ones heart - this sky and this vast beauty - it is inside the temple of my heart.

What is it that can make us feel frozen at times - when the soul is infinite and splendorous. When witnessing the song and poetry of the mother beautifully dancing in nature. Why do we buy into the idea that we are separate? And that the divine mother and heavenly father are not simultaneously dancing in us? Isn't that something... Every soul has infinite potential, and also a divinely designed assignment and work that is to be fulfilled. Levels of consciousness to be recovered and service to be given with love and the purest sensibility of our hearts.

A wise elder i know oftenly speaks about the afflictions of the soul - and how these are what cripples the divine potential and fulfillment of our agreements and destinies. Afflictions in the soul are determined by our karmas and life experiences - deviations and issues in the spirit. In order to embrace our divine potentials we have to face our soul afflictions. Otherwise life will always be stiffled, and our gifts cut short. What i know undoubtedly and unshakably is that if the heart is brought forth, if love and dedication, service, and humility is held - help will always be there. Divine Assistance, Teachings and Emanations from our Lord and Creator. And our precious Divine Mother will sing to us - her wisdoms, her answers, and her guidance. On a beautiful autumn evening... some reflections - Lauren Aiyana


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