Clear Your Issues

Updated: May 9, 2019

Have you ever found yourself flip flopping from the beauty and close atunement with your soul to a foggy buggy mind that is reactive and upset? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself from a place of love and patience and self-care "Where are these thoughts coming from?!"

What I have found is that a lot of the built up emotional pains and traumas, events and experiences from our lives they get stored deep down into the subtle levels of our beings - in our bodies, in our energies and it is amazing to study ourselves and go into self-inquiry and self-investigation to discover that a lot of these buggy emotions and hardships they do not really belong to our genuine expression but they are products of unresolved issues that we have inside. Unresolved issues and pains can also associate us with outside energies, like people, places, ancestral things, and sometimes foreign bodies that are intrusive and negative. Sometimes if we have uncleared links with heavy things they can filter and leak into our daily feelings and emotions and influence us away from our heart.

The next time you find yourself spinning in the mind and struggling with emotions - ask yourself - where is this really coming from? And challenge yourself to BRING FORTH YOUR SPIRIT to realign, harmonize, & bring into balance what you are experiencing and to embrace the fact that the soul has beautiful inner capabilities that are amazing, and pure aspirations that it will never be able to achieve when caught in the vicious cycle of issues and reactivity.

We must dare to step out of the cloud and smog of the mind and to open the heart up to the Divine. Beautiful and special things can happen when we step and tune in our hearts!!

"No more Looping in these issues - I want to clear this and harmonize this"

I want to be close to my heart and to the divine.


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