Freeing up your Heart

Today I heard something sweet on the radio, it was a christian talk station that I sometimes listen to when driving, you'd be surprised but sometimes some really beautiful talks come through on there of people speaking about their healing journeys, their process with christ, and wanting to have good energy in their lives. There was this one sermon that a preacher was sharing about a woman that was going through a rough divorce with her ex-husband, there was a situation of a custody battle and all these types of things, the tensions were high, and the emotions were raw. It spoke of how this woman felt very hurt at times through the process, she was grieving the failure of the relationship, she was looking at her own hang ups and mistakes, and she was reflecting on times that she felt violated or let down and betrayed by him as well. This woman had had beautiful aspirations in her life to be close to the Heavenly Father, God, Christ, she wanted to hold that nobility and pure heart and not fall into harsh things or bad energy - the whole process of the divorce was labored and gone through and some years later she was out somewhere with a group of her close girl friends, i think having a picnic together out in nature by the river - and the ladies were all speaking to each other and one of them said that they heard her ex-husband was getting remarried, and he seemed to be healing alot and building a closer relationship with his own heart, wanting to grow and correct mistakes he made in himself in the past and the energy of that felt very beautiful. The preacher in this sermon as he was telling the story said that woman felt this amazing joy and peace come into her heart to know that her ex-husband was healing and growing and developing in his own process and that even though she had been hurt and felt pain from their marriage and failures, there was hurt on both sides, that it filled her soul with joy to know that he was healing and doing well. The preacher said that when you hear something beautiful about a person that you felt hurt by in the past - and your heart fills up with joy and happiness and peace to hear that good thing - this is a sign that you are laboring the work of forgiveness and harmonization and clearing - and that forgiveness is a beautiful energy that helps to instill grace in our lives and keep us close to god. So many of us from time to time allow accumulations of hurts and issues, turmoils, and pains - we have a list that we keep locked away of times we have been hurt and we cling to that sometimes subconsciously and we think that it is proving points with other people - or protecting us - but really it is just keeping us stuck in the same energetic pattern of looping and suffering - it is perpetuating our own suffering. When we can learn how to heal and forgive it frees up our hearts - when we can develop the ability to love our selves and to love other souls - Having "freed up hearts" is a tremendously dignifying and beautiful energy. An open heart brings us closer to our soul, and an open heart brings us closer to nature, to the divine, to that high potential and beautiful spiritual intelligence - that most of us have forgotten largely to know what that really feels like because of our stories and unprocessed experiences. The highest way to not get hurt anymore or feel down anymore - is to learn how to brighten our spirit, refine and develop our love into a pure energy that is love for all things love for god, love for all - and not just indivdualized. It is also embracing the path of healing and forgiveness - so that we dont hold things in ourselves that empathize or magnetize with pain and issues. i felt like this was a really beautiful story on the radio today and i wanted to share.


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