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​​True Energy Work is a beautiful unfoldment that helps to harmonize, balance, and tune someones heart, spirit, and luminous body with the subtle grace of nature and the divine. It is a work that helps to bring light and enhance light to the places inside of ourselves that we hold dense emotions, traumatic events, and issues. Light brings Insight. Insight leads to Consciousness. The process of recovering and developing consciousness about ones self, about the events of ones own life - this is what leads to clearing, transformation, maturity, refinement, and deep growing. Consciousness is the healing. This happens in energy.  

Working through the things that we hold within - also helps that which is outside and reflected in the world.  Every human being has a beautiful energy to offer through their own natural state of being. But if we hold on to negative issues that obstructs this... where does that energy go? 

What are the effects of negative issues that accumulate and grow strong? What are the effects Internally and Externally?  The state of the world is reflected inside, and reflected in what is outside. The two are not separate. 

True energy work is also not an invasive move or a radical quick fix. A good practitioner in my opinion is one that works with a client slowly according to their own level and supports that person to develop in themselves - by passing elements and assisting them to develop their own inward harmony and balance. By supporting that person to build a relationship with their own heart and inward intelligence. Good energy healing is to help facilitate the tuning of a person into their own spirit - and to help them align with the divine and with nature harmoniously. This is what brings the energy needed for clearings; which then opens the space for that person to live their purpose and develop their virtues and passions held with their hearts.

Types of Sessions I offer:

Xolar Vibronics Comprehensive Chakra Balancing Sessions

This is a great vibrational re-integration session that will restore in your body as well as in the subtle structure of your being, the connection with the rays of light and harmonious emanations of the Sun and Mother Nature.  This unique method will tune you into your own vibrational identity, eliminating all kinds of dissonances on all levels while expanding your radiance and light and bringing you a great sense of release and peace.  Xolar Vibronics Chakra Balancing has a deep and long-lasting effect on your physical, mental and spiritual field.  Balancing and tuning your chakras with this method will allow you to recover your own natural state of homeostasis and harmony while releasing you from various levels of dissonance that make your daily life difficult.  

Sessions may include elements like: negative energy clearing, electromagnetic stress release, polarity realignment, crystal enhancement, sound vibrational tuning and others to accomplish deeper states of self-awareness and recognition that allow you to release long held energetic patterns of malfunction.   

Combined with Personalized Insights and Awareness Guidance Sessions, Xolar Vibronics Chakra Balancing sessions will bring to you deep recognition and insights into the nature of your own energy field disruptions either on a physical or vibrational level, so that you can permanently eliminate them.

Xolar Vibronics Stress Management and Release Sessions

 Sessions may include basic guided relaxation techniques and energetic cleaning to integrate the disharmonies in your energy field, to allow you to return to your natural state of being. Sessions can also include the removal of negative vibrations held by you due to environmental, electro-magnetics, emotional and mental factors and holdings.  

Rates are determined on a case by case basis

"Working with Lauren for two years has helped me return back to self healing and consciousness! Her life coaching program has redirected my perspective on holistic health tremendously! She helped me learn how to heal myself and how to heal through nature. I will continue being a client of Lauren!!"
- K. Tomboc (Accountant)
Charlotte, North Carolina

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