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                      Lauren Aiyana

Hello, my name is Lauren. I have been in practice since 2007. My solid and deep training in the holistic healing arts and ongoing vigorous dedication to my own spiritual practice and growth as a woman make me a beautiful, reliable, and strong support for those that are looking to go deep in their own personal growth, and journey of development. As a wholesome life coach and mentor my kind and soft heart and the ways that I support and teach others is most oftenly described as powerfully deep, gentle, patient, insightful, helpful, and straight forward. I work primarily with women that are very eager to grow and yearning to meet their lives with their full heart and potential. I work to reflect and mirror the divine beauty and pure sense of purpose that is within every person. As a holistic practitioner and mentor I help to reflect light and insights energetically into the areas that are blocked which need light and consciousness in order to grow. 


As a licensed massage therapist, bodyworker, and Ayurvedic therapist my work is known to be very grounded, deep in focus, and healing in the physical, energetic, and emotional levels. I have a very nurturing touch that puts the client's care to the upmost standard. I listen deeply and create a space that is held in relaxation, consciousness, and rejuvenation for the body and the energetic levels. 

I am an Approved and Certified Xolar Vibronics Practitioner

I am also deeply proud to share that I have been a long term and close apprentice of Mama Koginka K'amaru Xue, a legendary master, native andean healer, and natural doctor for over a decade. I work regularly with him in holistic training, spiritual ecology, native wisdom preservation, and environmental protection projects. He is a beautiful teacher and he has assisted me deeply to connect with what is in my heart. I have great passion for the work that fortifies harmony and balance within and also in nature, amongst all people, and cultures. 

The Xolar Vibronics Practitioner:

is primarily an educator that has been prepared to be a guiding light to you while offering you a hand on your road of recovery of harmony and balance in your life, most likely lost by the overwhelming power of the artificial lifestyle that you have been leading, or by specific impactful events that have gradually disconnected you from the source of life that sustains you.  The modern lifestyle and the lack of support in righteous ways of living has detoured humans on a road to disease on a physical-emotional-spiritual level that has left him handicapped to function properly as he was created.  A Xolar Vibronics Practitioner is well-versed in aiding you to restore the proper integrated functioning of all your forces.


A Xolar Vibronics practitioner is an artisan that will help guide you back to your true nature and help you regain your integrity.  She has been given a variety of tools and skills to work with you in order to bring forth your light in consciousness.  Our practitioner has to go through a minimum of a 4-year intensive training program and has to have recovered her own level of integrity first.  She will begin by offering you a consultation and assessment to evaluate your own unique composition of disrupting factors and then will aid you in learning effective ways to bring back your integrity. Our practitioners have varying degrees in mastery depending on their own development and years of training and will offer sessions to you according to it.  Some of our practitioners may also offer other modalities not taught by Xolar Vibronics, but that have greatly improved in quality by the elements received through us.

Gratitude & Sacred Reciprocity to my Mentor Koginka K'amaru Xue

"Koginka Kamaru Xue is an incredibly beautiful master and developed Andean heart. He has come from his ancestral sacred lands to share with yearning souls the Divine Mother's Original Living Knowledge. My experience in the last 12 years studying with him and working alongside him in service has been profoundly valuable, life changing, and very powerful. Koginka is a beautiful and special shining, resilient light with amazing tenacity, love and commitment to do the spiritual work. I have never met a person that is more alive and dedicated than him, and it is a tremendous honor for my soul to be with him walking together". 

My Certifications

Through the Xolar Vibronics School

- Certified Holistic Educator level 1 & 2
- Certified Holistic Practitioner level 1 & 2 
- Certified Ayurveda Basics Course 1 & 2 
- Certified Holistic Educator & Wholesome Life Coach 
- Certified in Chakra Balancing Healing Work levels 1 & 2 
- Certified in Yoga, Tai Chi, and Spiritual Ecology

Through the NC School of Natural Healing

- Certified 650 hour Massage Therapy Course 

- Certified Reiki levels 1 & 2 
- Certified Holistic Herbalism level 1 
- North Carolina State Board of Massage Licensed (#7219)


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