There is no Growth without Consciousness
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Women aligned with pure intent and pure purpose hold light for the entire world.  

All it takes is one conscious caring heart to stand up

in virtue and dignity to create a ripple effect of consciousness. 

So just image how powerful it is when we come together

from a place of deep and sincere alignment.

Step forward in your Spirit - Don't wait!


Thank you for Being here!

I work mainly with women in natural living, personal betterment programs, and holistic health modalities to support a deep sense of nourishment, empowerment, and ease in meeting life with heart and deeper wholeness. 

Many great and wise spiritual teachers say that the beginning of each great journey is determined from how it begins, and this is something that I also feel a great care towards. I see the deep value in listening to the unique process of each person I work with and to really navigate every process in a way that will work best for them and their own background, schedule, and life style. It is my passion to bring holistic modalities out into the world and it is also my solemn knowing in my heart that every soul has something meaningful and beautiful to contribute to the world. Every woman, every mother, and every daughter has something precious to bring to their communities and families and what a beautiful thing it is when we can take care of this and bring it forward.

For my clients I see myself mainly as a support, guide, and facilitator. I know that the true healer is inside each and every one of us. The ways of healing that I offer always honors this helping to shine upon that divine and inner potential.


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